Open Days for Prospective Reception Parents dates: Friday 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd and 29th November 2019.

What our pupils have to say

18 January 2018

“My favourite part of the school is the library which has a wide variety of adventurous books, I like the hall too because we have a larger space to run around in and play football.”

– Anthony

“I love my new school due to all the interesting features, the spiral staircase, the lift and the enormous windows. When our old school is knocked down we will have a spacious area to play in and a huge pitch.”

– Andy

“My favourite parts of the school are: The Heart Space, The Sports Hall and the gigantic classrooms, we must have the best school in the world!!!”

– Bobby

“The benefits of having a large and spacious hall is that we can fit in a really large stage, play Basketball and other team games. As some children love to chat at playtime it is great that we have a courtyard to relax in! I love our new school and it seems even better than a University!”

– Kenza

“Our school has many things that I like including the amazingly decorated classrooms in fun colours and all the matching rugs and cushions.”

– Donnel

“I love the roof because of the brilliant view, you can see whatever you want, our school is the No1 best design in London!”

– Poppy

“I was blown away when I first entered the school. It was built so quickly and all the amazing rooms makes it a place we all want to be in! it was really well made by all the adults.”

– Anaya


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