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Staying Safe Online

Handy hints & tips for staying safe whilst using the internet.

Worried about your child’s safety online?

Read our tips, advice and follow our guidelines for practicing good online safety habits.

Top tips for parents & Children

Talk to your child as soon as they start to use the computer and make sure they:

  • know NEVER to give out any personal details such as address, phone number or real name online
  • know NEVER to meet anyone they have ‘met’ online without taking a responsible adult
  • know NEVER to send out any images of themselves or friends they would not like you or their teacher to see!
  • do an on-line safety course appropriate for their age, see links below
  • know how to close down and report any inappropriate images they access online


  • find out more yourself, use the links on this page
  • make sure you have up to date anti-virus software and parental controls on any home computers
  • report any concerns you have