Albion Primary School



Albion Primary School prides itself in fostering a caring community.

To enable children to develop and understand our values further, we welcome our new feathered friends, our 8 chickens.


Girl holding a white chicken

Our aims:

  • For children to have a better understanding of their life-cycle
  • To know what living things need to stay healthy
  • To learn enterprise skills while selling eggs in order to raise money for chicken food
  • To know where our food comes from
  • For children to know to care for other living things as well as themselves

Our Chickens

Girl surrounded by chickens Child holding an egg Boy stroking a chicken

Our hybrid chickens arrived on 7th May 2019 and settled in comfortable, nestled in our Forest School area. Hybrid chickens are more adaptable and tolerant of children. Albion chickens especially love playing with the children while roaming around pecking at the grass. They live in their chicken pen purchased from Omlet with their own electronic door to their chicken coop. They lay delicious eggs which we use as part of our Design & Technology lesson or when children in Extended Services are making their scrumptious cakes. More importantly, the eggs are sold to raise money to pay for the chicken bedding and food.  

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