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China Exchange

China Exchange

Expanding children's worldview and get an opportunity to appreciate other cultures.

We learn best when we can see, hear, and experience things first hand.  Multi-sensory learning is an important part of school life, and school trips delve into the requirements of all five senses. With this in mind, Albion children had the amazing opportunity to travel to China for a week in April 2019.

Boy sitting at a desk in China Chinese classroom Child holding his model in China

Albion has partnerships with three schools in Hangzhou, China: Xuezheng Primary School, Hangzhou Cahire No.2 Primary School Education Group and Gaoqiao Primary School. The partnerships are in their infancy but now we have two Mandarin speaking staff members, we will continue to develop these link further in the future. To read more about Albion's visit to China, click on the link below.


Children drinking traditional Chinese tea Chinese classroom Headteacher talking to Chinese children

Benefits of the partnership exchange:

  • It provides a language learning opportunity and prepares children for the world ahead.
  • It give children the chance to experience cultures, respect differences and develop new friendships with their peers. Living the experience is much easier to understand than reading about it.
  • Creating memorable experiences for the children which has a long lasting benefit.
  • It can ignite a child’s passion for a subject that they may not have had in the classroom.
  • It can expand children's worldview and they get an opportunity to appreciate other cultures. Without this awareness, children will find it difficult to become worldly citizens of the 21st century. Taking them abroad offers them a chance to learn about other societies and value other people and customs.

Short videos of our visit to China

Albion children were greeted into the classroom. They were taught Mandarin as well as other subjects. They even had the opportunity to participate in fencing lessons. See the videos below for yourself! 


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