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Music is a language that can evoke different emotions. Playing an instrument can boost children’s confidence while performing to others.

DEA Music Academy Trial Day Letter

DEA Music Tuition Registration Form

DEA Music Tuition Registration Form

DEA Rules & Policy 2022-2023

DEA Rules & Policy 2022-2023

DEA Music Academy Interest Letter

Albion has partnered with DEA Music Academy to help raise the profile of music even further through our value, creativity. There are many children who have a passion for music or who are interested in music and want to learn an instrument. Partnering with DEA Music Academy enables the children to do just that - learn an instrument. DEA Music Academy is a not for profit organisation founded in 2013 by the concert violinist, Alda Dizdari with the support of Southwark Council.

The sessions can be as individual 1:1, small groups or bigger groups. There would be a cost to parents/carers for these 30-minute sessions. At present, DEA Music Academy charges are as follows:

  • small group session (3 children) is £10 per person per session
  • groups bigger than 3 children is £5 per person per session
  • 1:1 tuition will cost £30 per session.

These fees will be paid directly to DEA Music Academy and may change depending on the number of children to take up the offer.

DEA Music Academy is the company that is responsible for the music tuition. We at Albion are championing this by creating a space and time for the children to be able to learn their instrument. This additional fee paying instrumental tuition sessions compliment and are in addition to the music we offer as part of the music curriculum to all our children.


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