Albion Primary School

Modern Foreign Language


It is our intent to open cultural doors and deepen understanding of the global community and world around them.

To promote communication with the wider world and provide the foundation for learning further languages.

At Albion, Mandarin is taught by language specialist teachers who are native speakers.  Mandarin is taught weekly throughout the school, from Nursery to Year 6, where children are exposed to Mandarin language and culture. 

EYFS and KS1

Children are immersed in Mandarin through stories, songs and rhymes.  The focus is in building the children’s confidence to ‘have a go’ at speaking Mandarin with correct pronunciation as well as developing vocabulary. Alongside this they also learn about aspects of everyday life and compare this to their own life and locate countries where Mandarin is spoken.

Key Stage 2

Mandarin is taught following the objectives of the National Curriculum KS2 languages programme of study and is supported by planning from the Confucius Institute.  Each lesson builds on what has been learned in the previous lessons. Lessons provide opportunities for speaking and listening, reading and writing, where relevant. Lessons are interactive and Mandarin is spoken as much as possible.

Native Speakers

There are a number of children for whom Mandarin is their first language in the home. These children receive teaching at a higher level of challenge by the second specialist Mandarin teacher. The focus is different depending where the children are on their language journey, e.g. writing characters.

Curriculum Enrichment

We believe in the importance of bringing a language to life by spending time in a country in which it is spoken and there is an optional language study visit to China in Year 5.  Chinese culture is also brought to Albion with visits from Chinese students and there are international curriculum links in all year groups.

More information about Albion's visit to Hangzhou, China

Celebrating Languages

Children have access to a wide range of high-quality dual-language picture books and graphic novels.  We offer language enrichment after-school clubs.  Children can practise languages at home by Memrise.

We celebrate the different languages we have in our school through language of the month where children learn key phrases of a language spoken at Albion, children answering the register in the languages represented in their class and we hold celebrations such as European Day of Languages.

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