Albion Primary School



it is our intent to ensure that all pupils are competent and confident learners who relish the challenge of maths.

We strive to foster a deeper understanding of the subject by developing fluency in the fundamentals of maths, alongside reasoning and problem-solving skills. We aspire to create reflective thinkers who can use their mathematical skills confidently in a range of contexts and have curiosity and appreciation of the subject.

Delivering mathematics, whilst simultaneously and encouraging the development of growth mindset, we use a mastery approach in order to ensure that all pupils progress and achieve. Our child-centred lessons spark curiosity and excitement, whilst building confidence and resilience. 

During maths lessons at Albion, children are given regular opportunities to deepen their mathematical understanding and are actively encouraged to explore different lines of enquiry in order to develop their own reasoned mathematical arguments. Children are able to explore mathematical concepts in a variety of ways and lessons are delivered using the Concrete, Pictorial and Abstract (CPA) approach:

  • Concrete representation: Students are introduced to an idea or skill using real objects. This allows pupils to use manipulatives which helps to scaffold learning.
  • Pictorial representation: When pupils have sufficient conceptual understanding, they move on to use visual representations such as bar models or part-whole models.
  • Abstract representation: The final step in the learning journey is for pupils to now represent problems using mathematical notation.

At Albion, we want learners to view mathematics as being relevant to their everyday experiences and therefore we ensure that maths is used across the curriculum, in Science, P.E, Computing and Geography. Pupils develop a broad understanding of all areas of mathematics and are provided with a wealth of opportunities to apply their knowledge and skills.

Further to our work in school, at Albion, we actively encourage the participation of parents and carers in their children’s education. Workshops take place regularly in order to support understanding of new methodologies and pupils are also encouraged to use online resources such as Mathletics and Times Tables Rockstars, in order to further their learning at home.

We believe that all pupils are capable of developing passion and understanding in maths and foster a culture which ensures strong and secure learning alongside pupil engagement.

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