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CMHW '24

CMHW '24


Albion Primary School Champions Children's Mental Health Week with
Dr. Alex George

🌟 DYK: This year’s Children’s Mental Health Week theme is “My Voice Matters”? Let’s empower children and young people by giving them the tools they need to express themselves. 🗣️💙 🌼 #CMHW🧠 #apsResilience #apsDYK #DYK


In a vibrant celebration of mental wellness and resilience, Albion Primary School welcomed Youth Mental Health Ambassador, Dr. Alex George, to its Assembly Hall. Dr. George's visit infused the school with an inspiring energy, marking a pivotal moment in our observance of Children's Mental Health Week.

Under the theme "My Voice Matters," this year's Children's Mental Health Week resonated deeply with the ethos of the School. Empowering children and young people to express themselves, the school embraced this message wholeheartedly, thanks in part to the support of organisations like Place2Be and advocates like Dr. Alex George.

The day commenced with an electrifying school assembly, streamed live nationwide, where Dr. George took the stage as a beacon of hope and understanding. His impassioned words resonated with pupils, staff, and parents/carers alike, igniting conversations about mental wellness and resilience that will continue long after his visit.

It was truly impactful to see our pupils - both in the assembly and in the school council meeting - engage with Dr. George's message of empowerment and self-expression. We are committed to nurturing an environment where every child feels heard and supported, and Dr. George's visit reinforced our dedication to prioritising mental health.

Deputy headteacher: Caroline.

Throughout the day, classrooms buzzed with activities centred around promoting mental well-being, from mindfulness exercises to creative expression sessions. The school's dedication to fostering resilience and kindness was evident in every interaction, embodying the spirit of Children's Mental Health Week and the schools values.

As the day drew to a close, the Albion community reflected on the importance of ongoing support for mental health initiatives. With Dr. Alex George's visit serving as a catalyst for change, the school looks forward to continuing its journey towards creating a nurturing environment where every voice truly matters.

Thank you Dr Alex George and Place2Be.

#CMHW🧠 #apsResilience.


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