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Easter Club 2024

Easter Club 2024

As the Easter season brings a spirit of joy and renewal, pupils at Albion had the opportunity to celebrate in a unique way this year through the annual Easter Club.

This eagerly anticipated event brought together pupils from various year groups for a week of engaging activities, fostering a blend of fun and educational experiences.



The Easter Club, a staple in the school's calendar, aims to provide pupils with an enriching and enjoyable time during the holiday break. From arts and crafts to interactive learning sessions, the club offers a diverse range of activities catering to different interests and age groups.

This year's Easter Club, themed "Egg-citing Adventures," had a plethora of adventures and exploration. From egg decorating competitions to scavenger hunts, the programme was designed to ignite creativity and curiosity among the participants.

One of the highlights of the club was the Arts & Crafts sessions, where pupils were able to make Bookmarks, Origami Bunnies among a lot of other things. “I've enjoyed making bunnies for Easter, especially the origami ones," said a Year 4 pupil. "I've enjoyed all the activities but my favourite was the weaving workshop." Said a Year 3 pupil.

In addition to fostering creativity, the Easter Club also aimed to instill valuable lessons and skills in the pupils. Educational tasks such making ‘bug hotels’ using recycled materials fostered environmental conservation and teamwork, ensuring that fun and learning remained at the forefront of the experience.

"I learned a lot about teamwork during the Easter Club," remarked a Year 4 pupil. "The group activities taught us the importance of collaboration and communication, skills that are essential both in and out of the classroom,” said one of the older pupils.

The spirit of camaraderie and inclusivity was palpable throughout the club, with pupils forming friendships and memories. "It was so much fun getting to know pupils from other Year Groups.” “Pupils bonded over our shared experiences and interests, and I've made some great new friends because of it."

The Easter Club concluded with a grand celebration, where pupils showcased their creations from the week and participated in a variety of festive games and activities. The sense of accomplishment and joy was evident on every face, marking the end of a successful and memorable event.

As another Easter season draws to a close, the Easter Club at Albion continues to be a cherished tradition, offering pupils a blend of fun, learning, and camaraderie. Through its innovative approach and engaging activities, the club not only provides a memorable holiday experience but also fosters growth and development in pupils, enriching their lives in more ways than one.


Easter Club 2024 Activities

  • Arts & Crafts activities: Nature spring bookmarks, origami bunnies and basket making, bug hotels (we used recycled materials and went outdoors to pick up leaves, flowers and sticks)
  • Physical activity: Egg relay races, workout warm ups, yoga warm ups, bulldog, sports competitions & dodgeball.
  • Stem activity: flower seed bombs (paper and water)
  • Baking activity: Easter Chocolate Bark
  • Easter egg hunt & EYFS bonnet parade on the last day. 


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