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KS2 RSE Workshop

Promoting the health and well-being of our pupils at Albion is an important part of children's overall education.

At Albion, we do this through our Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) curriculum, which is taught through weekly lessons and through whole school celebrations throughout the year.

This curriculum explores a range of topics including physical and emotional health, different relationships and families, and living in the wider world.

During the Summer term, our school delivered the mandatory relationships and sex education (RSE) aspect of our PSHE programme. This became a legal requirement in September 2020, in which it was determined that relationships and sex education must be taught across the school, in an age and developmentally appropriate way. As children progress through the school, they will build on their prior learning within the RSE curriculum to ensure that they are in line with age expectations.

We recognise that parents/carers play a vital part in their child's RSE knowledge and understanding and therefore invited them to join our parent/carer workshops. Slides from the workshops are available below:


RSE EYFS Meeting Slides

RSE KS1 Meeting Slides

RSE LKS2 Meeting Slides

RSE UKS2 Meeting Slides



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