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Year 3 - Sayers Croft '24 - Day 1

Year 3 - Sayers Croft '24 - Day 1

Day 1: A Thrilling Kick-Off to Year 3's Sayers Croft Adventure - Blindfold Trails, Teamwork, and Orienteering Galore!

The Year 3 embarked on an exhilarating three-day adventure to Sayers Croft, kicking off their journey with boundless energy and enthusiasm. The school journey promised not only a break from the routine but also a unique opportunity for the pupils to bond, learn, and create lasting memories together.


The anticipation was palpable as the Year 3 group set off for Sayers Croft. The school community eagerly awaited the tales of their exciting adventures! 🚀

Safely arriving at Sayers Croft, the students wasted no time diving into the fun. A delicious lunch fuelled their energy for the blindfold trail and secret maze activities. Laughter and joy echoed through the picturesque landscape. 🌳

Resilience took centre stage as the pupils navigated the challenging blindfold trail. A testament to their determination and teamwork! 👀

The afternoon showcased the remarkable values of our Year 3 pupils—teamwork, ambition, and kindness shone through during various activities. The adventure at Sayers Croft is more than just fun; it's a journey of personal growth. 🌟

Orienteering brought an exciting twist to the day, with students enthusiastically running around, discovering the names of buildings. Learning and fun combined in this dynamic activity! 🗺️

After a day filled with challenges and exploration, Year 3 was ready to refuel with a hearty dinner. Their hard work and enthusiasm pave the way for more adventures in the days to come! 🍽️

As Parents/Carers and well-wishers eagerly follow the school's social media updates, the Year 3 Sayers Croft adventure promises to be an unforgettable experience, full of growth, camaraderie, and, of course, a whole lot of fun! Stay tuned for more updates on their thrilling journey.


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