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Year 4 - Sayers Croft '24 - Day 1

Year 3 - Sayers Croft '24 - Day 1

Day 1: Year 4 Launches into Sayers Croft Adventure with Orienteering and Woods Compass Challenges

Excitement and anticipation filled the air as Year 4 pupils embarked on a thrilling three-day adventure at Sayers Croft. The first day was nothing short of a whirlwind of activities that showcased the pupils' enthusiasm, resilience, and spirit of exploration.


Setting Off with Eagerness: We can't believe it's time for our Year 4 pupils to set off on their adventure to Sayers Croft already! Off they go! We can't wait to see what they get up to over the next 3 days!

Arrival and Excitement: Year 4 pupils arrived at Sayers Croft, ready to immerse themselves in an array of activities that promised both excitement and educational enrichment. The air buzzed with anticipation for the adventures that lay ahead.

Orienteering Speed: The afternoon kicked off with a burst of energy as the pupils engaged in orienteering. Swiftly navigating the Sayers Croft grounds, they embarked on a mission to uncover the names of various buildings, showcasing both teamwork and a keen sense of direction.

Woods Compass Challenge - Building Resilience: The second activity, the Woods Compass challenge, brought a new dimension to the day. Armed with compasses, Year 4 learned to navigate a trail, relying on resilience to overcome obstacles along the way. The challenges encountered during this activity became opportunities for personal growth.

We definitely had to use our resilience!

exclaimed one of the pupils, highlighting the determination and tenacity displayed throughout the Woods Compass challenge.

Dinner and Night Walk Reflector Trail: As the day progressed, the pupils gathered for a hearty dinner, refuelling for the adventures yet to unfold. The evening concluded with a night walk reflector trail, creating an enchanting atmosphere as pupils explored the surroundings under the moonlight.

A Blend of Exploration and Resilience: The Year 4 Sayers Croft adventure is off to a remarkable start, with each activity adding layers to the pupils' experiences. The blend of exploration, teamwork, and resilience is shaping the journey into a memorable and impactful educational experience.

Parents/Carers and well-wishers can follow the school's social media channel for live updates on the Year 4 Sayers Croft adventure, promising a narrative of discovery, growth, and camaraderie. #apsResidential #apsYear4

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