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Year 4 - Sayers Croft '24 - Day 2

Year 3 - Sayers Croft '24 - Day 1

Day 2: Year 4's Sayers Croft Day Two Unveils Shelter Building, Maze Challenges, Bouldering Thrills and more!

Day two of the Year 4 Sayers Croft adventure brought a medley of challenges and excitement as pupils delved into activities designed to foster teamwork, critical thinking, and a dash of adventure.


Morning Shelter Building Adventure: The day commenced with an air of enthusiasm as Year 4 eagerly embraced the morning's challenge: shelter building. In teams, they creatively constructed shelters from logs and a tarpaulin, gearing up to face the elements and even a playful bear! The activity not only honed their teamwork skills but also sparked creativity as they crafted their protective havens.

Maze Challenges and Code-Cracking: Following the shelter-building triumphs, the next challenge was the maze. Year 4 pupils embarked on a quest to find all the answers, crack the code, and successfully navigate their way out of the intricate maze. The activity not only tested their problem-solving abilities but also emphasised the importance of collaboration and strategic thinking.

Communication Skills Shine in Blindfold Trail: The blindfold trail proved to be a unique and engaging activity, requiring Year 4 pupils to rely on their communication skills. Navigating partners safely through the trail without a hitch became a thoughtful exercise in trust, teamwork, and effective communication. The challenge: ensuring everyone emerged not only safe but also mud-free!

Bouldering Thrills in the Afternoon: As if the morning's adventures weren't enough, Year 4 dived into the afternoon with bouldering. Scaling rocks and conquering heights, the pupils embraced the physical challenge with gusto, showcasing their resilience and determination.

Evening Campfire Bliss: The day concluded with a heartwarming campfire, where Year 4 pupils gathered under the starlit sky. The crackling flames provided the backdrop for shared stories, laughter, and a sense of camaraderie, marking the perfect end to a day filled with adventure.

The pupils faced a variety of challenges today, from creative shelter building to cracking codes in the maze. It's inspiring to see their teamwork, creativity, and problem-solving skills in action.


Today was all about pushing boundaries, building resilience, and working together. The students embraced each challenge with enthusiasm and determination.

Anticipation for More: With such a dynamic array of activities, Year 4 pupils have set the bar high for the remaining day at Sayers Croft. Parents/Carers and well-wishers can follow the school's social media for real-time updates, promising more tales of adventure, camaraderie, and skill-building as the Year 4 Sayers Croft journey unfolds. #apsResidential #apsYear4

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