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Year 4 - Sayers Croft '24 - Day 3

Year 3 - Sayers Croft '24 - Day 1

Day 3: Year 4 Concludes Sayers Croft Adventure with Pond Dipping Discoveries and Team Challenges

The sunlit landscapes of Sayers Croft witnessed the culmination of Year 4's adventurous journey as the final day unfolded with a blend of scientific exploration and collaborative team challenges. From pond dipping revelations to the application of kindness, resilience, and ambition in team endeavours, the day was a fitting conclusion to an unforgettable residential experience.


Pond Dipping Delight: The day commenced with the excitement of pond dipping, as Year 4 pupils eagerly delved into the aquatic world beneath the surface. Armed with classification keys, they meticulously identified their findings, revealing a diverse array of pond inhabitants. Water boatman, pond snails, dragonfly nymphs, and rams horn snails emerged as the stars of their scientific exploration.

Scientific Inquiry with Classification Keys: Utilising classification keys, Year 4 pupils not only discovered various pond species but also honed their scientific skills. The pond-dipping activity provided a hands-on learning experience, connecting classroom knowledge to the wonders of the natural world.

Pond dipping allowed the pupils to witness the intricate ecosystem of the pond. It was not just about finding creatures; it was a lesson in biodiversity and the interconnectedness of life.

Team Challenges - Kindness, Resilience, Ambition in Action: The Sayers Croft adventure reached its climax with a series of team challenges. Year 4 pupils put their kindness, resilience, and ambition to the test as they worked collaboratively to overcome various obstacles and puzzles. The challenges not only fostered teamwork but also showcased the pupil’s determination and support for one another.

Reflecting on the team challenges, one pupil remarked,

We've definitely had to use our kindness, resilience, and ambition to work successfully as a team. It was a fun way to end our Sayers Croft adventure!

A Fitting Finale: As the day unfolded, Year 4 pupils bid farewell to Sayers Croft with a sense of accomplishment and camaraderie. The residential trip provided not just outdoor adventures but also valuable lessons in teamwork, scientific exploration, and personal growth.

Parents/Carers and well-wishers can catch glimpses of the Year 4 Sayers Croft adventure through the school's social media channel. As the pupils return with stories of pond creatures, team triumphs, and newfound friendships, the impact of this unique experience is sure to resonate in their memories for years to come.

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