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Ofsted Report

Ofsted Report

"Pupils respond well to the unwavering high ambitions that leaders provide."

A Section 5 Ofsted inspection took place at Albion Primary School on Tuesday 30th January 2024 & Wednesday 31st January 2024. Ofsted has judged Albion Primary School as Good overall, with Outstanding elements - endorsing all the hard work from our staff. 

Albion Ofsted Inspection Report January 2024

Ofsted Report Outcome Letter to Parents

Overall effectiveness Good
The quality of education Good
Behaviour and attitudes Good
Personal development Outstanding
Leadership and management Good
Early years provision Good

The Governors consider this an excellent achievement for Albion and are exceptionally proud of all the staff and pupils for their efforts during this inspection, and in the time leading up to it, as well as the ongoing performance of the school.

The inspectors talked very positively about Albion’s ethos and our wonderful children. Behaviour was described as a strength of the school,

The school's approach to behaviour is built on a set of core values that thread through the school ethos, such as kindness and responsibility.

The inspectors also noted:

Parents and carers share positive views about the school.


Pupils have positive attitudes to learning. They listen attentively.


The school has an exceptional personal development offer for its pupils.


Pupils can confidently speak about issues relating to racism, homophobia, and sexism. Staff teach pupils about the importance of tolerance. Pupils are taught that the differences between people is never a reason to judge or be unkind.


Leaders place strong emphasis on supporting pupils' mental health. Pupils feel safe to discuss their feelings. Staff make sure that pupils can manage their emotions confidently.

We are delighted with such a positive report and feel this is a fantastic achievement within the new Ofsted framework. It’s important to note that the Ofsted inspection framework has changed significantly since Albion was last inspected in 2011. It now includes a deeper focus on more challenge for pupils within curriculum content, its delivery and a focus on the wider curriculum, looking at subjects beyond English and Maths. This change in emphasis has been welcomed by Albion since we have always ensured our pupils have a wide ranging, engaging and ambitious curriculum that motivates them to succeed. 

Pupils benefit from a highly coordinated approach to enriching the curriculum.


Leaders are determined in their drive for further improvements with accurate and well-considered plans.


Albion Ofsted Inspection Report 2011



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