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Complaints Procedures

Complaints Procedures

It is our aim in Albion Primary School to work closely with all parents/carers in a partnership which benefits all children and ensures that their school experience is happy and secure.

The Home School Agreement clearly states expectations of pupils, staff and parents. When dealing with parental complaints the school adheres to guidance from Southwark Local Authority.

What is a complaint?

From time to time parents/carers express concerns and these are dealt with as a matter of routine through discussion with the class teacher or another member of staff. Occasionally a parental concern may become more serious and develop into a complaint and be a clear statement of dissatisfaction. This may relate to a variety of issues. Anonymous complaints are discouraged as they are difficult to deal with in a way that will be useful to all parties.

Arrangements for managing complaints

  • Parents may request a copy of this policy from the school office at any time.
  • The Headteacher will respond to a verbal or written complaint within 24 hours of receiving it but may well need longer to fully investigate the circumstances leading to the complaint. Parents/Carers will be kept informed of time scales involved. Timescales need to be flexible to meet particular circumstances however a response will normally be provided within 5 school days.
  • Procedures will then be followed as outlined in the attached policy.
  • All complaints are handled in strict confidence and the school’s attitude to a pupil would never be affected by a parental complaint.

For more information please see the Albion Primary School Complaints Policy

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