Albion Primary School

School Meals

School Meals

Healthy Eating

We know that what children eat and drink can significantly affect not only health but how they learn and behave.

In order to ensure that all of the children at Albion have the best possible access to teaching and learning, we have spent a lot of time ensuring that the lunch menus offered to our children are made up of tasty, filling and nutritious food cooked from scratch.


Southwark currently provides healthy meals free of charge to all children from Reception to Year 6.

Our school meals are provided by ISS.  Children are offered a choice of three hot main meals a day (one is always vegetarian) and a choice of hot vegetables. We have a salad bar with a choice of six different items and fresh crusty bread is served each day. Our desserts are varied, but if dessert doesn’t appeal then children can choose to have cheese and crackers, fresh fruit or yoghurt instead. Water is always available.

All meat is halal and we do not serve pork.  Please let the school office know of any medical dietary requirements or allergies. 

Albion Lunch Menu

Snacks and Water

Every child is also offered a piece of fresh fruit every day as a playtime snack.

  Children have their water bottles in class and access to water fountains at play and lunch time. Milk and fruit are offered to all of the children in EYFS every day.

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