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We have a number of enriching partnerships to support and enhance our curriculum.

At Albion Primary School the curriculum is designed to develop the whole child through: enriched learning experiences both in school and out; collaborative learning experiences which build tolerance and inclusivity allowing the children to develop positive relationships; connecting the children to their wider worlds and own emotions and experiences. We have a number of enriching partnerships to support and enhance our curriculum.

We have a successful track record of effective collaboration; we continue to aspire to high outcomes for our whole school community.

We will do this through increasing links with: our neighbours, professional colleagues from social care and health and through working collaboratively with businesses and charities to remove the barriers that impact negatively upon pupils’ achievement.


Paper Garden / Global Generation

  • KS2 children have benefitted from a range of workshops at the Paper Garden during the past 3 years covering cookery, clay, art, nature and migration. The Paper Garden has been funded by British Land as an organisation working with the community.
  • Our pupils were involved in the Summer Solstice Event in June 2018 and 19 at the Paper Garden and the Winter Solstice in November 2018 and 19 with other local schools. Parents and family members also attended these events and our pupils performed poetry written in workshops at school led by Paper Garden staff.
  • The gardening and growing project with British Land: growing food and making containers. We now have beautiful raised beds where we grow an assortment of fruit and vegetables. Our school gardener works for the Paper Garden and has been fundamental to the success of this project. Nursery have benefited from the rainbow trugs and plants bought through the same funding. This initiative is having impact in Science teaching and learning.


Time and Talents

We have been involved in many community projects at Time and Talents in the past few years.

  • Workshop with partially sighted adults
  • Workshop with an elderly group and young adults from Dulwich College hosted at school about how life has changed since the elderly people were younger
  • Illuminate Rotherhithe events including the Ceilidh Dance with a number of local schools and lantern making supported by an artist from the local London Bubble Theatre

More recently, we worked closely with Time and Talents to identify vulnerable Albion families with food insecurity during Covid 19 who have been receiving food parcels from the Food Bank set up in their premises in response to the pandemic.


London South Teaching School Alliance

The London South Teaching School Alliance consists of a wide variety of partners drawn from across the education sector. We work alongside the South London Teaching Alliance to train and develop teachers and leaders and to meet the needs of all pupils.

In order to meet our aims, the work of the alliance is divided into key areas which are led by strategic leads.

Our key areas are:

  • Initial Teacher Training
  • Continued Professional Development and Leadership Development
  • Succession Planning and Talent Management
  • School to School Support
  • The designation of and brokering of Specialist Leaders in Education
  • Research and Development


Evolve Health Mentors

Evolve are working at Albion, in partnership with Guy's and St. Thomas's Charity, to help tackle childhood obesity and transform the physical, social and emotional wellbeing of the pupil population. The Health Mentor, at Albion, has been delivering a range of impactful interventions to support children to reach their full potential. They aim to increase physical activity levels before, during and after school. Also, helping improve the self-regulation of targeted pupils through mentoring sessions to help them better understand the importance of their own wellbeing.


DDMIX for Schools

Children across the school take part in DDMIX sessions, an inspiring dance and fitness programme that gets kids moving.

  • The sessions develop the key skills and elements of dance, introducing many themes that can be cross curricular.
  • DDMIX dances are incorporated and used to develop their use of dynamics, character, narrative, group formation and many other devices.
  • Throughout all age groups, students learn set movements to develop their technical skills and have the opportunity to develop their own choreography.


Southwark Music Services

Southwark Music Service aims to enrich the lives of all Southwark children and young people by making the learning of music dynamic, energetic, varied and fun. Through Southwark Music Service, children at Albion experience inclusive, high quality music making and performing. This helps to create successful learners who are responsible, confident individuals. Southwark Music Services work with teachers and pupils, tailoring music lessons and activities.

  • We have a music teacher that teachers across the school 2 days a week
  • We provide whole class instrumental tuition in recorder; African drumming keyboards, ukulele and singing


The PE and School Sport Network

The PE and School Sport Network is leading the way in terms of physical education and school sports development. We work with PESSN in a range of ways:

  • Professional development – ensuring staff can teach, assess and lead on PE
  • PE and school sport – ensuring that a broad, balanced and inclusive competition programme is offered
  • Health and Wellbeing – ensuring that each child is able to access a health orientated curriculum thus understanding the importance of being healthy for life


Steel Pan Agency

Upper KS2 children have benefitted from Steel Pan lessons and have opportunities to develop their skills and learn how to play Steel Plans. They perform to peers and parents. A gifted and talented group attend an after school club and have had the opportunity to perform at key school events

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