Albion Primary School



It is our intent to develop a life-long love of reading and writing in all children at Albion.

We provide a stimulating, differentiated, text-based English curriculum where all children enjoy learning and feel confident and motivated as they become increasingly literate. We support children to develop a wide and rich vocabulary which will ensure that they are able to communicate their ideas, both written and verbal, effectively.

At Albion Primary School we use a government resource for teaching phonics called Letters and Sounds. Letters and Sounds sets out a detailed and systematic programme for teaching phonic skills to children with the aim of them becoming fluent readers.

Phonics is a strategy for reading that helps children to learn to read quickly and skilfully.

There are 6 phases of teaching and learning sounds in a certain order. Phase 1 - 4 are taught throughout the Early Years, Phase 5 throughout Year 1 and Phase 6 throughout Year 2.

Children at Albion Primary School are provided with engaging and interactive lessons. Children are given opportunities to apply their skills through follow-up activities as well as during their daily writing and reading activities.

We encourage parents to read with their children daily and we support parents by inviting them to attend parent workshops. These strategies support parents in helping their children to read. For more information on how to support your child please visit

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