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curriculum intent

It is our intent to develop a life-long love of reading and writing in all children at Albion Primary School. We want children to learn to read fluently, accurately and confidently as we know that reading is the key that unlocks the whole curriculum. We passionately believe that all children with the right support can and will become readers at Albion.
Read Write Inc & Early Reading Policy

Early reading is at the heart of learning in EYFS and Key Stage 1 and is supported by high quality phonic work, building the foundations of learning that are needed to develop fluent readers and writers. Through daily, systematic and consistent high quality phonics teaching, children are taught how the alphabet works for reading and spelling, to segment words to support their spelling ability and to blend sounds to read words. At Albion, we follow the Read Write Inc. (RWI) synthetic phonics programme, a whole school scheme that provides a structured and systematic approach to teaching phonics. Using Read Write Inc. helps all children learn to master the skills needed to read fluently and at speed so they can focus on developing their skills in comprehension, vocabulary and spelling in Key Stage 2. The Read Write Inc. scheme is a fast-paced, rigorous and structured programme and we have high expectations for all children, regardless of their background, needs or ability, instilling the Albion values of ambition and resilience in each phonics lesson.


Curriculum Implementation

At Albion Primary School we use Ruth Miskin’s Read Write Inc. programme, a systematic programme for teaching phonic skills to children with the aim of them becoming fluent readers. The introduction of Read Write Inc. at Albion in spring 2021 has provided a clear and consistent whole school approach to the mastery of early reading.

Read Write Inc. is taught every day in EYFS and Key Stage 1, starting on the very first day of Reception. Engaging, fast paced and interactive Read Write Inc. lessons are led by well-trained Read Write Inc. teachers. Children are taught in small homogenous groups, working with children of a similar ability to target their specific needs for phonics. These groupings are based on Read Write Inc. assessments that are carried out at the start of each school year and then continue half termly.

We have clear expectations of pupils’ phonics progression term by term. The sequence of Speed Sounds (grapheme phoneme correspondences) and the story books in the Read Write Inc. programme follow clear progression of incremental steps in phonic knowledge, supporting all children to master reading fluency by the end of Key Stage 1.

Starting in EYFS, children are taught the simple Speed Sounds. These are found in the simple speed sounds chart, but also have a catchy rhyme or phrase and a character to help children learn them. All Read Write Inc. classrooms have speed sounds charts and a frieze of the speed sounds displayed to support children visually.

Simple Speed Sound Chart Catchy Rhyme

Children then progress onto the complex speed sounds, learning alternative spellings of sounds.
Complex Speed Sounds

In each phonics group, the Read Write Inc. lesson plans are followed. Children work systematically through Speed Sound books, progressing onto Ditties then finally onto the story books, following the progression sequence outlined in the ‘What to teach when’ document. During the lessons, teachers give pupils sufficient practice in reading and re-reading books that match the Speed Sounds they have been taught. Children are given opportunities to apply their skills through follow-up activities, practising their segmenting and blending skills throughout the day using ‘Fred talk’.

All children are assessed using the RWI assessments at the end of each half term and these regular assessment cycles ensure that children are moved on when they have made progress. We are constantly informally assessing the children to make sure that they are at a place where they are accessing books at an appropriate level. If needed, children receive additional support (1:1 tutoring, Pinny Time, Fred games) to help them on their journey to becoming a confident reader.

We encourage phonics and reading at home by allocating familiar Read Write Inc. books on Oxford Owl to support speedy reading and fluency. We also send home Read Write Inc. Book Bag books which are aligned with each child’s reading and phonic ability. We support parents by inviting them to attend parent workshops, by sharing Read Write Inc. video resources remotely on Google Classroom and providing Read Write Inc. flashcards and resources to practice at home, supporting parents in helping their children to read.

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Curriculum Impact

The consistent, systematic and daily teaching of phonics using the Read Write Inc. programme at Albion ensures that all children will have a secure knowledge of phonics, enabling them to become confident readers who are starting to develop a life-long love of reading by the end of Key Stage 1. Children’s phonic knowledge is assessed at the end of Year 1 the Phonics Screening Check and identifies the children who require further support on their phonics journey.Through the use of Read Write Inc., children at Albion will be able to apply their phonic knowledge to decode and read unfamiliar words and confidently spell many words either correctly or phonetically using the sounds they have learnt. They will be able to use spelling alternatives for different sounds and apply these consistently in their written work. Our children will be confident, speedy readers by the end of Key Stage 1 so that they are able to focus on developing their fluency and comprehension as they continue their reading journey in Key Stage 2.

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