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School Council

School Council

School council elections are held every year in September, our elected class representatives will hold office for the year.

They will report issues and discuss improvements they and their classmates think would benefit the school, inform school leaders of events that have been enjoyed by them and their peers, and use this to embark upon, with their class representative peers, a child led programme of positive change.

School Council PosterThe leaflet above provides brief information from Albion school council members. Click the leaflet above to read more or click here.

This is an exciting opportunity for the children to have a voice in our school and to take on a position of some responsibility. The School Council have two representatives from each class (from Year 2 to Year 6) and will meet with a school leader weekly/ fortnightly.

The Role of a School Council Member

  • Attending meetings following an agenda and have a chance to be the secretary working with the Chair and Vice Chair
  • Gathering ideas from their class on how we can improve our school
  • Updating and informing their class about news and events

How are our School Council Members Elected?

  • Pupils learn about British democracy and democratic principles
  • They complete voter registration forms and agree the hustings date and polling date
  • Pupils nominate classmates who would like to be considered for school council
  • Nominated children put together a manifesto and present ideas to the rest of the class, at hustings
  • Each class votes to elect their school council representatives

School Council Values

  • Being part of the team that look after the school
  • Encouraging everybody to live our school values of respect, honesty, friendship, harmony and courage
  • Being the voice of the pupils

Our School Council have been responsible for significant changes and improvements to our school including:

  • Albion logo
  • Playground markings
  • Introduction of chickens and type of coop
  • Improved school dinner procedures
  • Ran the election of Pupil Headteacher
  • Planned for first Friends of Albion event
  • Planned the opening ceremony of the new school

Current School Council members are:

  • Buttercup: Joy / William
  • Lemon: Azlan / Bethany
  • Emerald: Lilly / Grayson
  • Jade: Johnny / Cienna
  • Sapphire: Woody / Zahraa
  • Turquoise: Arlo / Eliana
  • Indigo:  Omari / Cara
  • Navy: Lena / Aleena
  • Lavender: Arrianna / Ellemiah / Rodiyah
  • Violet: Soulaima / Lorenzo
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