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Remote Learning - EYFS (Nursery & Reception)

Whilst at home with young children our first tip is to try and have a loose routine – this will not be the same as a school day but children do thrive when in a familiar pattern so plan a few fun activities throughout the day but don’t overdo it. Enjoy this time talking and playing with your children and if they get frustrated, change it up, give them a snack and make yourself a cup of tea – you’ll need a break too.

We’ve put together a few links to great websites full of ideas and activities that you can dip in and out of.

We would like children to do at least 20 minutes of Mathletics and reading each day and using their reading logs to record what they have read. 

Keeping minds and bodies active

Cosmic Kids provides fun and interactive yoga sessions that help children with mindfulness and relaxation – click on the watch the episodes tab

Cosmic kids

Cooking with kids

Get your kids excited about food, where it comes from and how to cook it – a kitchen-savvy kid is going to be a much healthier, happier one in the long run. Follow the links below to get some great tips and recipes aimed for children.

BBC Kids Cooking

Tasty - Melissa Harrison - Cooking with Kids

Jamie Oliver - Simple ideas to cook with kids

Activities based on EYFS curriculum

Download the Early Year Activity book where you will find a range of fun and exciting activities that you can pick and choose from each day:

EYFS Activity Book


Top Marks - Click on the link and then the Early Years tab to find lots of Literacy and Maths educational games catered for the young.

Online Stories - Find lots of fantastic children’s stories read to you by celebrities.

Oxford Reading Owl - free books to read online.

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