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RL - Music

RL - Music

Remote Learning - Music/Singing

Hello Albion Children!

Welcome to your Music of the Week super listening challenge! Each week I will post a youtube video of a song here - one for each year group for you to listen to. Open up the worksheet for your year group, and inside you'll find some fun moving, drawing and writing activities to do whilst you listen. There are also instructions for your adults at home, who can help you.

If you don't like the song I chose, you can choose your own! I'd love to hear about the music you are listening to whilst you are at home.

Music Welcome

EYFS - Lesson 1

Year 1 & 2 Video - Lesson 1

Video Links

Reception - The Tiny Caterpillar

Year 1 - Summertime Larry Adler

Year 2 - African Drumming Example

Year 3 - Aquarium

Year 4 - Chanukah

Year 5 - Bach Toccata

Year 6 - Paranoid Android

Worksheets and Activities

EYFS & KS1 Worksheet and ActivitiesYear 3 & 4 Worksheet and ActivitiesYear 5 & 6 Worksheet and Activities

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