Albion Primary School



It is our intent to develop a life-long love of reading and writing in all children at Albion.

We provide a stimulating, differentiated, text-based English curriculum where all children enjoy learning and feel confident and motivated as they become increasingly literate. We support children to develop a wide and rich vocabulary which will ensure that they are able to communicate their ideas, both written and verbal, effectively.

At Albion, we encourage all children to foster a life-long love of reading and we develop confident, fluent readers who enjoy reading for a variety of purposes.

In EYFS and Year 1, a range of age appropriate and exciting picture books, alongside texts from PM Readers, Project X, Oxford Reading Tree and Alphabooks, support and engage our early readers.

From Year 2, children use the Accelerated Reader scheme. Books across the school are levelled and colour coded to ensure that suitable texts are selected, providing an appropriate level of challenge for children all abilities. Regular quizzes allow all readers to develop a strong sense of achievement and motivation on their reading journey.

Through focused whole-class reading lessons at Albion, children develop strong comprehension skills and fluency, exploring a range of language rich texts from different genres: modern fiction, classic English literature, poetry and a range of non-fiction text types. We carefully select high-quality texts to ensure that all children are exposed to ambitious vocabulary and have the opportunity to explore more complex themes.

Children have many opportunities to read throughout the school day and we promote daily reading at home. Children are expected to read every day and keep a record of this in their home-reading diaries. We encourage all children to read widely and to discuss their books with their family members.

We are very excited about the development of our school library and we have close links with Canada Water Library, organising regular visits. Throughout the year, we promote reading for pleasure, enjoying school wide celebrations for World Book Day and National Poetry Day.

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