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Remote Learning Survey


Remote Learning Survey


In order to learn more about the experiences during lockdown 2021, we asked our parents/carers to complete a survey.

This was our opportunity to gather their opinions and comments which is invaluable in helping us to make the most appropriate decisions for Albion.

We received 133 responses.

Remote Learning Parent/Carer Survey (Jan 2021)

96% of families indicated their children were engaged with remote learning.

122 families said live sessions benefitted their children at home.

87% of families rated live sessions as good or better.

The timetables are brilliant, it’s made our lives so much easier to know what we need to be doing and when we should be doing it. Having live lessons has made it easier to make the home environment feel like a learning one. I can see how hard staff are working, especially under such strange circumstances and we are all so grateful for the hard work at Albion.


Bar graph showing the percentage of children's engagement with remote learning

Bar chart indicating the activities that benefit the children most during lockdown

96% of children are accessing live sessions regularly. 

The content loaded on to remote learning and variety of learning is good. Text alerts keeping us updated with information, access and resources offered to families are very helpful.

 Bar graph showing the percentage of families who rated live sessions from 1-5

Pie chart showing how manageable remote learning is

Classes are structured well, teachers are amazing and succeed in keeping the interest of the children high. The amount of work and online time is just right.

Not only are the online sessions really good but also the fact that you follow-up with the children at home through weekly phone calls that are really appreciated.

To find out more about the results of the Remote Learning Parent/Carer Survey, please click on the link below:

Remote Learning Parent/Carer Survey (Jan 2021)


"On behalf of Albion Primary School, thank you to all the parents/carers and children who have supported the school during this lockdown period. Your comments are encouraging and motivate my staff to continue to strive for greatness. In our profession, we do what we do for the children and we do what we do because Albion feels like a family so the feedback from you has forced us to stop for a minute and give ourselves a pat on the back for what we have achieved.

We thank you once again!"

Mr K Bardouille

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