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Sponsored Commando Course


We have held our first ever Albion Sponsored Commando Course.

It is important for the children to know it is everyone's responsibility to care for other people as well as ourselves. Albion raises money for many different national charities throughout the year. This year, the children have decided to raise money for:

  • educational visits
  • playtime games
  • Cancer Research UK (50% of the proceeds to go to this charity)

The Albion Sponsored Commando Course is an extremely valuable experience for children: promoting healthy activities, physical fitness and an appreciation of our local community as well as children grasping the idea of helping other people within our global community.

The Albion Sponsored Commando Course took  take place on Wednesday 2nd November 2022 for children in ReceptionYear 6.

Nursery Sponsored Commando Course will take place on Friday 4th November 2022. 

Parents/carers of children in Nursery are invited to assist their child’s participation in the course. If you are able to attend, please complete the slip below and return it to the class teacher by Monday 31st October.

Aerial picture of the school playground

Albion Sponsored Commando Course is a set of activities children participate in while walking around the perimeter of the playground. The activities include balancing, jumping, hopping, crawling, climbing and rolling. Children have a specific amount of time to complete as many laps around the course as they can.

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Sponsorship Form

It's time to collect the sponsorship money!

Boy crawling under net

Boy crawling under net
Girl with thumbs up Children following each other in the playground
Boy jumping over an obstacle Girl jumping over an obstacle

Children have now been asked to collect their sponsorship money and bring it to school by Friday 2nd December 2022.  Families can also send in the sponsorship money electronically through ParentPay. This means, the sponsor has to give parents/carers the money, for you to then pay the school through the ParentPay app. 

We still want the children to complete the form so we can see how much money they have raised altogether. A prize will be given to the three children who raised the most amount of money.

Children who complete the most amount of laps will receive a certificate and children who show our Albion values eg. Resilience, Ambition, Respect and Kindness will receive value points.  

Boys hopping in the hoops

Girl jumping over hurdles


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