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Parent Survey Results

Albion Primary School values input from pupils and families.

In order to learn more about their experiences at Albion Primary School, we asked our key stakeholders (pupils & parents/carers) to complete a survey.

This was our opportunity to gather their opinions and comments which is invaluable in helping us to make the most appropriate decisions for Albion.

Survey results:

Parent Survey Results (Spring 2024)

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My daughter absolutely loves everything that happens at school. Teachers are amazing. The after school team are very lovely and welcoming. This is like a big loving family. She looks forward to seeing everyone.


It’s fun, educational, interesting and we get to make a lot of friends.



The school is very friendly and welcoming. I can see how hard all the staff work, it shows in how happy my child is and how much improvement there is year on year in her work.



Albion is the best school in London and this makes me proud…



The atmosphere is so right and conducive for children and their learning.



I like that I feel very safe and teachers listen to me…



Very friendly and inclusive of various cultures/gender and ethnic backgrounds.


 To view our most recent parent/carer survey on remote learning, please click here.
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