Albion Primary School



It is our intent to develop a life-long love of reading and writing in all children at Albion.

We provide a stimulating, differentiated, text-based English curriculum where all children enjoy learning and feel confident and motivated as they become increasingly literate. We support children to develop a wide and rich vocabulary which will ensure that they are able to communicate their ideas, both written and verbal, effectively.

At Albion, children learn a love of writing and develop confidence to share and communicate their ideas effectively through the written word. Using high-quality texts and carefully planned learning sequences, we develop confident writers who enjoy writing for a range of audiences and purposes. We create exciting and varied writing opportunities and use instant publishing to create tangible reasons for writing, such as letters, leaflets, diaries and newspapers.

Within our learning sequences, we lay the foundations and building blocks for effective writing: role-play and oral rehearsal of language, generating ambitious vocabulary, developing grammar and sentence structure, planning, drafting, editing and publishing. Clear verbal and written feedback ensures that children are aware of how to improve their writing, allowing them to identify and correct mistakes and make progress towards their targets. Children are proud of their published work, which is celebrated and displayed around the school.
At Albion, we have high expectations for children’s writing and presentation across the curriculum. From Year 1, we use the Magic Link Handwriting Scheme to develop neat, legible cursive handwriting. Published work is completed in handwriting pen for display.

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