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The National Curriculum is at the heart of the Albion Curriculum. We have developed units of work to engage and stimulate children’s learning.

Our Curriculum is designed for the children in our community. We know that during the time children spend with us they will progress both academically and personally and we plan for both types of development. We are 'Inspiring children today for tomorrow's world'.

We place particular emphasis on skills, knowledge and supply specific building blocks to achieve greater success and progress within a lesson, a unit of work and year on year.  Our teaching is greatly enhanced by our strong partnerships and our encouragement for children to go on a large variety of engaging trips. Children have the opportunity to develop talents at clubs and extra-curricular activities.

Whole School Curriculum Overview

Whole School Curriculum Overview

Every term families are provided with a curriculum newsletters explaining what their child will be learning throughout the unit of work.  

Nursery Curriculum Newsletters

Rainbow (Autumn 1 Term 1 2021)

Reception Curriculum Newsletters

Crimson (Autumn 1 Term 1 2021)

Scarlet (Autumn 1 Term 1 2021)

Year 1 Curriculum Newsletters

Amber (Autumn 1 Term 1 2021)

Tangerine (Autumn 1 Term 1 2021)

Year 2 Curriculum Newsletters 

Buttercup (Autumn 1 Term 1 2021)

Lemon (Autumn 1 Term 1 2021)

Year 3 Curriculum Newsletters 

Emerald (Autumn 1 Term 1 2021)

Jade (Autumn 1 Term 1 2021)

Year 4 Curriculum Newsletters 

Sapphire (Autumn 1 Term 1 2021)


Turquoise (Autumn 1 Term 1 2021)

 Year 5 Curriculum Newsletters 

Indigo (Autumn 1 Term 1 2021)

Navy (Autumn 1 Term 1 2021)

 Year 6 Curriculum Newsletters 

Lavender (Autumn 1 Term 1 2021)

Violet (Autumn 1 Term 1 2021)





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